Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Ace Texan film-maker (now in Iowa) Julianna Villarosa gave her friends some 16mm footage and invited them to make something with it. Then she added all the micro-films together. The resulting film is called:


Julianna included my song "Small Pond" as part of the soundtrack about 45 seconds in. It's fun to be part of something friendly and a bit more extensive than one's own efforts. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Australian film-maker Marie Craven used my music, likably remixed a bit, in her video "Endless Wall to Wall Carpet", which is a response to a poem by Anne Cotten. I am pleased to learn that her film was accepted to the 2018 Zebra Poetry Film Festival.

Endless wall to wall carpet from Marie Craven on Vimeo.

I enjoy Marie's work, and am delighted to appear in her film.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Video-maker Monique Smulders created this excellent video entitled "Small Pond/een vijvertje", which features my song "Small Pond" as its soundtrack. I like her work--and am pleased to share it here:

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Today is Netlabel Day 2018. I am pleased that my track "Rainy Day Inside" is one of the tracks on the Cerebral Rift netlabel compilation "Into the Rift, Volume 3: From Genial Times".

It's a download here:

Into the Rift v. 3

Thursday, May 17, 2018

I am pleased that three of my pieces appear on the release "Double Blindfold Project" on the Cerebral Audio netlabel.

In this project, I created one piece, "Surgery".  Then I was sent anonymized samples by the artist Delicasession to create a second piece, "Words Left Unsaid (re-imagined Delicasession)".  Then I was sent a further set of anonymized samples to create "Distant Festival".

I enjoyed the process of creation, though with hindsight I wish that I had had more fun with the samples that I used to create "Distant Festival". I went for the raucous blend, when perhaps I should have used a scalpel for the subtle tone instead.

The release is available here:
Double Blindfold project

Saturday, June 17, 2017

This Spring in north Texas I've been enjoying walks and bicycle rides. I've seen a lot of interesting things. Sometimes I capture a little bit of what I see on video.

This video uses my 2011 song "Slide Rule" to present some nature footage I took, both very recent and a bit less recent:

Monday, July 18, 2016

I like the annual July event known as Netlabel Day. Last week Netlabel Day 2016 brought a huge group of new releases, including a number of artists whose work I find interesting and fun.

The Cerebral Rift netlabel also released a compilation called "Into the Rift, Volume 1". I am pleased that my track "Deeper Vanity" is on that release:

Cerebral Rift, Volume 1

Thanks to Soundchaser for running this Netlabel Day compilation.

St. Louis ambient and electronica artist Mystified curated a new compilation called "New Mind Emergence'.  Consistent with its theme,  I created a song called "The Robot Smiles Upon Enlightenment". I am pleased to have this track released on Mystified's curated compilation:

Although I was born in Texas, I grew up in Arkansas. My artist name is a contraction of Gurdon, Arkansas, the town I lived in from age 5 to age 15. I sometimes think of myself as being "of" each of the three places at which I have lived for years---Texas, Arkansas and California. But by any measure, I nonetheless am an Arkansas artist.

So I found myself well-pleased to be asked to contribute to the compilation "Ambient Arkansas". My song "Poison Springs" refers to a battlefield about 20 miles from each of the three towns in which I grew up.  I dutifully resisted the urge to add cannons to the song, despite an inner 1812 Overture longing.  

Here's a link to the album, available on Bandcamp from the Aural Films label: