Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Part of what I love about sharing music via the internet is the immediacy. Today a
fellow contacted me through ccMixter. "May I use your song in a non-commercial short film?". I reply in substance, "yes, of course, here's how to credit my work". He replies back in substance "Great! I'll send you a link when it's on line".

Never mind that he's in Spain and I'm in Texas USA. Never mind that we've never met, and never corresponded before. Never mind about money, never mind about editorial control. Never mind about production delays, lengthy negotiations, all that.

I post a song, liberally licensed. He confirms the credits, and puts it in a film.
Seamless, easy, and fun beyond belief.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

My song "Bereft" appears on the "Classwar Karaoke 15" compilation. I'm delighted to get a chance to participate in this worthwhile set of songs:

I licensed two of my songs, "Sadness" [from Classwar Karaoke 11]and "Roadrunner" [from the Negative Sound Institute EP "Tallgrass Canticle"] for use by the kind documentarian Zev Robinson for his new film "Life on the Douro". The album also features a Thomas Nunnally Ensemble song and one of Verian Thomas' fine guitar pieces. I'm delighted to see these songs go into Zev's work.