Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm pleased to announce a new Creative Commons free-download release.

Treetrunk Records is an experimental netlabel run by Thomas Jackson Park, who is the skilled ambient/noise/experimental artist Mystified and similarly skilled and intriguing in his other performing name Mister Vapor.

I'm delighted that today Treetrunk Records released a five track EP of my work entitled "Weights and Measures". Here is the link to the release, which contains more information and links for free download of mp3s or FLAC versions of the songs:

"Weights and Measures"

I created four songs for the EP using the software synthesizer Sawcutter 2.0, into which I placed samples I created of two Ocarinas, a plastic recorder and a Costa Rican flute. The fifth piece, "The Palsgraf Scale" [a reference to a famous railroad scale which featured in an early tort appellate opinion] uses the Tunafish sequencer and a set of software synthesizers.

Here is a player for the songs:

I'm delighted to have this bit of gentle experimentation in melody released.

Many thanks to Thomas Park for releasing the EP, and to Thomas Mathie over at Headphonaught, for his great cover photo.