Thursday, June 18, 2015

Giordano Ciampini made this fun video which uses my song "Berries". This is called "Everything I Learned about Life,  I Learned in Mermaid School":

Everything I learned about life, I learned at mermaid school from Giordano Ciampini on Vimeo.

 Torontoist reporter Kaitlin Wright shows in this video that there are a world of times that only a sense of style and the right green finds will do.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

David Nemeth is a big supporter of Creative Commons and liberal licensing, who make abstract non-traditional music in his own right. His website "Acts of Silence" is an excellent resource for folks who like to discover liberally-licensed music that does not color between the lines.

Though my music sometimes colors near the lines, but merely makes a mess of it, I was glad that David reviewed my new album "Constellation Blackbird". He
"gets" my music, and makes me think about what I was up to, a bit.

Here is David's review of "Operation Blackbird":

Acts of Silence Review: Gurdonark, Constellation Blackbird

Monday, June 01, 2015

Director Jennifer Phang makes excellent near-future dystopian sci-fi movies. Her film "Half Life" caught my eye some years ago. I am pleased that my track "Fortitude Bumper" now appears on her new film, "Advantageous". The new film is a really great piece of story-telling, about a near-future in which new technology is used to perpetuate old stereotypes.

The song is an abbreviated rework of my 2007 release "Fortitude" from the "Seven Virtues" EP.  The film won an award at this year's Sundance Film Festival and is about to receive its debut on Netflix. It's a solid story about a future a bit more high-tech but a bit worse than our present.

I'd like to give a shout-out not only to Jennifer Phang, but also to
Timo Chen whose work in creating the vast majority of the soundtrack is a great listen and just right for the film.

Here's a great piece from Indiewire about the movie "Advantageous".

Advantageous on Indiewire

Here's the Facebook page for the film:

Advantageous the Movie facebook page 
I enjoy listening to Studio 360, a radio program produced by WNYC. I was pleased to see that one of its recent podcast features used as its background parts of my song "Constellation Blackbird" in an article about use of biological processes in art: