Sunday, May 24, 2020

This month I am pleased to announce that the weareallghosts netabel released my new collection of pieces entitled "Seclusion."  These pieces were created during the covid-19 novel coronavirus crisis. The pieces themselves are less novel in approach, but instead reflect my twin attractions to simple, offbeat lullaby melodies and to assorted dissonant interruptions in otherwise conventional ambient pieces.

The creation of the pieces involved a can-jo, root beer bottles filled with water to create wind instruments, offbeat free software and a dollop of Audacity. I am wary of the word "experimental" as applied to any musical idea after the variety of thousands of years of human civilization and perhaps millions of years of musical creation. I prefer instead to see what I do as a combination of gameplay, of novelty song, and of deadly serious expression of whim. That, after all, is as close to a credo as the genre "weirdbient" can bear.

The album is available for free at I released it Creative Commons BY NC. I prefer to release things BY, but I added the prohibition against non-commercial uses just to avoid having to issue takedown notices to folks who post things as their own instead of honoring the BY designation. But my heart is with simple attribution--the good old BY.  Here are the pieces themselves:

The album is also on sale on a pay-what-you-will at

My thanks to Thomas Mathie of weareallghosts for releasing the album, and for the grand album cover design.