Saturday, January 05, 2013

I am delighted that Level Zed, a game design company, used my ccMixter song "Exurb"
in its new game, called Dummy Escape.

The game is available for android in the Google Play market here:

and available for the Apple market here:

Many thanks to Slava at Levell Zed for including my song in the game. It's another example of the fun things that Creative Commons sharing can mean. Thanks also to Mixters Institute of Kitchen Percussion and Kaer Trouz, whose samples were shared by them and used by me in the song.

Game image courtesy of Level Zed.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I love January 1. When we lived in southern California, we would go to the Seal Beach Pier with a friend and watch the seabirds, boats and marine mammals while failing to catch any fish. Today I drove with a friend to Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve, a wetlands area just south of the Texas-Oklahoma border.

This holiday season has been quiet and meaningful, after a year that proved more difficult than some years.  At year's beginning, I am pleased to announce that the digital label We are All Ghosts included my song "Memory" in its year-end compilation.  I am pleased to be included, but also pleased to be included among other artists to whom I listen and with whom I feel an affinity in outlook, if not always in style and approach. My thanks to Thomas Mathie for including my track in the compilation.
I am a person to whom memories are very important, so the song title was as natural as breathing.