Sunday, November 01, 2009

I believe in sharing. Feel free to download any song listed in this weblog, including in the links below.


Phillip B. Klingler said...

I agree with your thoughts about sharing and copyright free music, downloading, etc.

I have many releases out on various labels around the world, and I do sell them to interested listeners. They help to finance what I do. But I don't believe in the fetishism of music products, I want my music "heard", not "hoarded", so I have released numerous free albums on my Sound Genetic site:

My motto there is: "DOWNLOAD the albums / REPOST the links / REVIEW the music / SHARE with others".

As musicians, we live in a very special time-frame, culturally speaking. There's a whole world of potential listeners and the commodification of music is just another barrier to reaching those ears.

I have added your site to my blog list at PBKSound. Glad to have found a brother in arms!

Gurdonark said...

Thanks for the comment! I am delighted to find out about your sound genetic site, as I've followed your music for years.

I must add a blogroll to this one, with cool music like yours and c. reider's to point out to folks.

best, robert