Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here is my 2009 EP "Seven Virtues":

I chose to release this via Jamendo and via to experiment with how much traffic I would get from this mechanism for release. I've been pleased with the way that the songs have gotten play through this non-net-label form of release.

It's free to share, to use, to add to a soundtrack, to put in a website or game, with attribution to Gurdonark and citation to

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gurdonark by Gurdonark is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.


Robert Croma said...

Astonishing and exquisite. Fires my imagination and makes me soar.

Viva the generosity of your wonderful creativity.

Listening in London. Thank you.

Gurdonark said...

Robert, thanks for your kind comment. I am delighted that you listen, and really pleased to hear such kind words.

Best to you in London from north Texas USA.

Commodore 64 said...

That's very melodic. You're more chillout than ambient at least on this track.

Gurdonark said...

Commodore 64, thanks for your comment. Once upon a time, I could identify myself as ambient and perhaps experimental,but now I find that I'm closer to downtempo and less suited to a label in general. I love chill music.

Ugo Capeto said...

i agree with Commodore 64, haha. Why do you feel your music is less suited for a label? I like ambient like the next guy but chill out music with cool melodic motifs gotta have an audience somewhere.

Gurdonark said...

good point, Ugo--chill-out music is a great label for music. When I think of chill-out, though, I always think of great Italian artists with jazz chops who make something fun but different than what I do. I have made chill songs as well, but not that kind of chill :).