Saturday, January 08, 2011

I think it's good to hear your own work with new ears.

Lately I've enjoyed my LG Ally, which is a cellular telephone which uses the Android operating system. I like two apps in particular: the application and the Radio Time application. The Radio Time Application allows me to listen to on the go. Stillstream is a wonderful internet radio station, devoted to playing Creative Commons music. Tonight I listened via cell phone to a selection of tracks from the interesting new dark ambient netlabel, Ambientaria.

The other app I've used a lot is the app. I love to listen using the "radio" features of the service to artists under the Creative Commons tag, or artists under the Gurdonark Mix Radio, i.e., songs the service suggests I might like, which often comes to the same thing. This morning I was driving to work listening to a "radio station" on "recommended for me". Among the songs, "recommended for me" my own song, "Grass Skipper". It was fun to hear it in an unexpected setting on my car radio. The "Butterflies of North Texas" EP from which it was drawn is less an ambient album than a set of simple melodies with a down-tempo feel. I like melodic minimal work. Here is the zip file of the EP, if you're interested in this set of short songs:

Butterflies of North Texas: a free Creative Commons download

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