Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The video vlogger Sam Rensiew creates voodles. A voodle is a video doodle in one sense, but the term connotes a bit more than just random sketches with pencil and paper. The works instead explore the parts of scenery outside the narrative--a wall here, a lamp there, the corner of the ceiling there. This oblique way of surveying the landscape
gives rise to videos in which "nothing happens"--and everything is revealed. They are videos of shape and form and intriguing cultural references.

I've been pleased that Sam, who hails from Copenhagen, has used many of my songs in his voodles. My work is "background music" and fits well into his universe which celebrates the shape, the form and the backlighting. Here my song "Awaken" illuminates a scan of a pub and of some other interior scenes:

The song "Awaken" uses these samples;

"Emergence Hymn" by Anchor Méjans
Attribution (3.0)
"Inspiration Ignites Samples" by SackJo22

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