Thursday, February 09, 2012

Last night my wife and I watched the DVD of "Life on the Douro", Zev Robinson's documentary film about wine, port and the Douro region of Portugal. The film features my songs "Sadness" [from a Classwar Karaoke compilation] and "Roadrunner" [from my EP "Tallgrass Canticle"], as well as a song by Thomas Nunnally Ensemble and one of Verian's wonderful miniature guitar ambient pieces.

I had seen parts of it in previews on Youtube, but never seen the entire film. The film was wonderful. I have never been to Portugal; the scenery made me wish to visit there.
The film's gentle interview style told both the history of the wine industry in that mountainous region (four hours by train from the coast) and the personal experience of the people who live and work in the Douro.

I felt great pleasure to see the great imagery as my song "Sadness" played in the background. This was not the first time one of my songs has been in a movie, but it was certainly an exciting experience for me. I hope I can see the movie in a theater someday soon. This movie marks yet another opportunity brought to me by Creative Commons sharing.

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