Sunday, November 18, 2012

I believe in open spaces. Not only the geographic spaces, like the open fields of my north Texas USA home area, but also the metaphoric open spaces. For me, open spaces have come to symbolize the quiet, thoughtful journey of observation--the quest to see where others might pass on by. Open spaces also has a sharing component for me--the spaces in which friends pass songs back and forth.

My new extended play release is called "Open Spaces". It's been released today on the Scottish label We  are All Ghosts. It's comprised of seven songs making up around 23 minutes of music. Each piece was constructed by using a simple hand-held woodwind instrument to create a sample, and then using a software synthesizer to render the sample into a song.

The EP is being released under a Creative Commons BY (attribution) license for easy sharing.
Free copies of the EP are available at A free-or-donate lossless version is available at
Bandcamp. Those who like to listen to a streaming version may stream it below.

My thanks to Thomas Mathie, owner of We are All Ghosts, and creator of the artwork on the

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