Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I love January 1. When we lived in southern California, we would go to the Seal Beach Pier with a friend and watch the seabirds, boats and marine mammals while failing to catch any fish. Today I drove with a friend to Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve, a wetlands area just south of the Texas-Oklahoma border.

This holiday season has been quiet and meaningful, after a year that proved more difficult than some years.  At year's beginning, I am pleased to announce that the digital label We are All Ghosts included my song "Memory" in its year-end compilation.  I am pleased to be included, but also pleased to be included among other artists to whom I listen and with whom I feel an affinity in outlook, if not always in style and approach. My thanks to Thomas Mathie for including my track in the compilation.
I am a person to whom memories are very important, so the song title was as natural as breathing.

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