Monday, May 11, 2015

I've been pleased with the early feedback for my new album, "Constellation Blackbird". Any creative endeavor released into the ether involves a bit of worry and a bit of fun. Folks I respect have been kind enough to reach out by email or social media message with a kind word or two. I am grateful.

I do not take it all too much to heart, though. I  remember once when a ccMixter song of mine was used for a widely-watched video of large trees being relocated in Australia as part of a road construction team's work. I was pleased to happen upon discussion of my work on that video in French. I used a translation program to discover that the posters considered my piece a major drawback about the video. I learned a lesson in humility (and rueful amusement) that day. Similarly, the new album will not win universal acclaim, as at least one "rating" on a music social media site attests. The pleasures of weirdbient work do not include mass adulation. I cannot imagine that my music will appeal to everyone. I am happy with "appeals to anyone".  I only imagine having fun making and sharing music.

Today I got a bit of good news. Alex O'Brien over at the Free Music Archive posted "Constellation Blackbird" there. I have other works there, and I am pleased that "Constellation Blackbird" will join the fun.

Here is the link to the album at the Free Music Archive:

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