Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lee Rosevere is an electronic music artist who also curates the Happy Puppy Records netlabel.  He's also a good guy. I was pleased when he took my song "Thoughts" off my new album "Constellation Blackbird" and created a new song "Thoughtful".

 "Thoughts" as I created it has a kind of retro synth melody sound. Lee's piece takes one line from that fairly straightforward melody, and, with some clever additions, takes the sound some different places.

 Here's the new track:

I'm grateful to him for sharing this piece. One nice thing about recording Creative Commons work is that such sharing and remixing and remodeling is easy, with attribution.

Check out Lee's other work at his netlabel:

Happy Puppy Records netlabel

or at his Bandcamp page:

Lee Rosevere's Bandcamp page

He's a good listen who, like me, loves the old early synthesizer stuff from the 1970s but does not quite bathe in it. He  just splashes about a bit, and I think that is where all the fun wades in.

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